About Topway


Topway Design was founded in 2002 in Shanghai, China, and set up branch in Canada in 2008, with architectural design Class A qualification, specializing in architectural planning and design of real estate development projects.
Topway Design is especially engaged in the architectural planning and design of real estate development projects, and its works can be found in 50 cities of 24 provincial-level administrative regions in the whole country. With a good office environment and complete office facilities, the company's schematic design capability is also among the highest in the architectural design industry.
Topway Design focuses on the development of building schemes, and also has a product strategy center and technical research & development center. The company has set up a special building scheme team that is engaged in product positioning in the preliminary stage, estimate of the program for acquiring lands, application for approval of construction planning programmes, and expansion of preliminary design scheme of a single project, and has powerful strength in the design of building schemes in the design industry.
Topway Design is a team composed of experienced designers. Since the company was established, it has formed a close cooperative relationship with domestic top 100 real estate enterprises, and has made good achievements and won a favorable reputation.
The design businesses of Topway Design cover a wide area, especially the overall design in three sectors, namely, residential quarters, commercial complexes, and industrial parks.
Topway Design can provide whole-process services and market-based design for real estate enterprises. It seeks for the concept and characteristics recognized by the market based on imagination of fundamental project concept, guidance over integrated planning, and formation of product and facade styles.
It tries the best to clearly define the design objectives, and assists the developer in realizing "land value maximization" and seeking for maximum profits and minimum risks of projects by means of scientific planning.


  • In 2002

    Shanghai Topway Urban Design Consultant Co., Ltd. was established.

  • In 2005

    Shanghai Topway Architectural Design Co., Ltd. was established and won the national class-A qualification for architectural engineering design recognized by MOHURD.

    In the same year, Topway Architectural Design institute was established.

  • In 2008

    Topway Architectural Design institute set up a branch abroad, namely, Canada TOPWAY Architectural Design.

  • In 2011

    Topway and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (VIA) established a strategic partnership.

  • In 2016

    Shanghai Topway Architectural Design Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yidao Architectural Design Firm were established.