Topway Service

Architectural Design

Topway Design has made outstanding achievements in its businesses in architectural design which covers various fields including residential building, urban complex, commercial property, industrial real estate, office building and star hotel. The company has a class-A qualification for architectural design and can provide whole-process design service including project planning, conceptual design, preliminary architectural design, construction drawing design, construction cooperation, and landscape design.
The expert team of Topway Design which has an international background aims to apply the advanced design concept and superior architectural technology in urban development, and integrate it into the market and traditional culture, thereby creating the design works with unique cultural value and architectural features. At present, in the field of architectural design, Topway Design mainly focuses on the development of large urban complex, practical design of industrial parks, progress in cultural and commercial buildings as well as residential buildings, and in-depth research and development of tourist and holiday real estate. During design, Topway Design can understand the owner's requirement comprehensively and carefully, and try to bring the optimal economic benefits to the project with a high sense of responsibility and rich experience, so as to express the owner's spiritual pursuit with the most sophisticated design.

Conceptual Design

The planning and design services provided by Topway Design mainly include urban design, planning and design of residential areas, planning and design of industrial parks, planning of tourism real estate, planning and design of campus, etc. The key areas that it focuses on include the balanced layout of urban functions, demonstration of urban space, and maintenance of urban ecology, and so on. While laying special stress on the advanced design philosophy, the company also pays attention to the rationality and operability of planning, including the rational setting of development sequence, and the close relationship between the planning and architectural design.

Special Service

Topway Design can effectively integrate multi-disciplinary technical resources, so as further to provide complete solutions for customers from all aspects, and make the design fruits perfect and more implementable.
Taking providing design services as a core, the company can fully mobilize the market planning, consulting and research team to ensure a better understanding and expression of the project, and can independently put forward the project development strategy, project planning, positioning evaluation, and product special consultation opinions.
Multiple alternatives can be provided for comparison in project design, so that the owner can make a better decision on development. The design service is also provided on the basis of a reference and audit of construction drawings. The company can provide an elevation control manual which includes selection of external elevation materials, material template, curtain wall division, and physical property manuals, so as to provide a complete management & control of the exterior elevation; It can also provide professional management consulting concerning other types of work, such as landscape, LED, interior design, signage, and management consulting services for business management companies.